Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conversation with a three year old

Do we have salamander eggs in our pond?


Do we have frog eggs in our pond?

I'm not sure.

What about raccoon eggs?

Raccoons don't lay eggs, they have live babies.


Some animals lay eggs and some animals have live babies. Mommies, cats, cows, raccoons - they have live babies. They are called mammals. Reptiles and birds lay eggs.


Name all the animals.

Well that would be a lot. You can capture all the animals by saying "the animal kingdom"

Don't say that! Name all the animals!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My precious one

Nine Years

In 2003 I told Jason, "I am going to graduate school in Boston next year. You can come with me if you make an honest woman out of me." In 2004 we tied the knot. Happy nine years to us!

We celebrated by spending the day at an awesome farm/cidery in Chimicum. If you live on the Kitsap or Olympic Peninsula, you should check it out!