Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sleeping close

Wishing we had a California King. Wishing Truman would stop taking off his Pull-Up in the middle of the night. Wishing sleeping newborns didn't grunt and fling their arms so much.

And when I am old, I will probably look back at this picture and wish I could relive this moment. The entire family in one bed. Listening to each other breathing and sighing.

Our summer to-do list

In the summer, time seems to expand. What are we going to do with all this time? Just relax and take things as they come? No - we will make a rigid to-do list and follow it seamlessly or risk feeling like the whole thing was a failure come Labor Day. Here is the Shutt Family Plan:

·         Go Camping (We have a trip planned to Lake Chelan and another trip to the Methow. We will see how our wee ones do in a tent together and of course the drive will be interesting.)
·         Spend a day at beach (Any beach. Just sand and buckets and snacks.)
·         Fish from our canoe
·         Port Townsend Farmers Market
·         BI 4th of July parade (We missed it! We did go to the Street Fair, but we missed the parade. Maybe next year.)
·         Leave the kids with a babysitter. (Which means pumping. And teaching Des to drink from a bottle. So much work! But worth it to actually finish a conversation with my spouse.)
·         Bonfire in our backyard
·         BBQ at Fay Park (One of our favorite beaches on Bainbridge)
·         Build a custom sandbox for our deck
·         Take Truman to a Mariners game

Friday, July 12, 2013


Four weeks old and outgrowing the newborn size

"I bit a T into my apple"

Brothers cuddling in the morning

Making a hot air balloon

Running the 50 yard dash

Oh those lips and blue eyes!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two kids

The other night I found myself in a black lingerie top.

How did I find myself in lingerie five weeks post partum? Because there were 17 loads of dirty laundry scattered across the floors of my house and when I went to my dresser to grab a comfy shirt I discovered I had two choices. A black lacey top or my 7th grade gym shirt from East Junior High.

Hmmm, I thought. I don’t want to ruin my trusty old gym t-shirt. (Breast milk stains people.) So . . . there ya have it. Life with two kids means looking hot only when there is no other option.

(And by hot I mean a black lingerie top paired with sweats and wool socks.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Heard at our house

Tru: Mom, can I bring this worm inside to live?

Me: No. Worms live outside. No bugs in the house.

Tru: But that other worm lives inside.

Long pause.

Me: Show me the other worm . . . . (living in a houseplant in the kitchen)

Tru to me: When you grow up, will you be big like daddy?

Truman makes a loud noise or otherwise disturbs a sleeping Desmond and then announces in a loud, sing song voice: He's waking up again!

After hearing loud thunder Truman says: It sounds like Tigers roaring in the sky.

After several conversations about "potty talk" Truman finds a loop hole and starts talking incessantly about the dung beetle: Ooooh. Dung beetles eat pooooop. And peeeeeee. Poooooopy is STANKY!