Thursday, May 30, 2013

Almost summer

Tru: What toys does Mr. Sun play with?

Me: I don't know.

Tru: Yes you do.

Me: Um, okay, stars and planets.

Tru: I want those.


Me: Do you come to mom's bed in the night because you are scared?

Tru: I come because I love you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My first four days of family leave

I've got 18 weeks off folks - and I plan to enjoy every last hour of my sabbatical/recovery/baby bonding time. Let's talk about the first four days:

Monday: HOLY COW. Not working is so amazing. FREEDOM. My stay at home mom friends are so lucky! I am at Safeway and it is not Sunday afternoon or 9pm on a week night! I have time to go to the post office for the first time in three years! LIVING THE LIFE.

Tuesday: I am totally taking Truman to preschool and then eating breakfast on the couch. Preschool is good for him, right? I wouldn't want to mess with his schedule. I am going to wear SWEAT PANTS. And a sports bra. Like my glasses? Get used to em. My morning routine is now down to 8 minutes.

And I suppose I should clean the house. I hadn't noticed how gross this bathroom was getting. Oh - dusty bunnies over here? Cobwebs in the corners? Oh my goodness. This place needs a deep clean.

Wednesday: OH MY GOD I AM SO BORED. I am listening to CNN on the radio - that bored. The house chores are never ending - why even clean these windows when they will be dirty again in two seconds. But I am totally making nachos for lunch!

Thursday: Is my workplace worried about me? Do they wish I would call? Maybe I should check-in. Should I let them know I am still alive, still pregnant, and the baseboards in my bathroom are super clean? Do they want to hear about the hour I spent on pinterest searching for "linen closet organization?" 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not ready

The days are flying by. Winter came and went. Our big event at work was a success. My last day in the office is Friday. It is almost June.

For months Truman has been asking, "When will the baby be here?" And we have been responding, "Not for a long long time."

And suddenly I feel like I have very little time left. So many intentions left unfilled. So many plans that will have to wait. There is a little bit of panic. Not about labor and birth. Not about a new baby. But about my desire to hold on to this chapter - 34 years in and pregnant with my last child - for a little bit longer. I can't hold on to the days (and my pelvis doesn't want to) but I know in my heart this is a very very special and tender time. And I wish time would come to a stand still so I could memorize what this feels like.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Naming a baby

It's tough to name a baby. And when you name a second baby it is even more complicated. We didn't want another T name. We wanted to avoid themes so we had to rule out Lincoln, Reagan, and any other presidential names. We love big names. But nothing too wacky. No hippy names.

After the 20-week ultrasound we ruled out our favorite girl names:







And in the last month we narrowed the boy names and ruled out:







We think we have landed on a name . . . we are testing it out. Yelling it. Singing it. Asking Truman if he likes it.

It's an Irish name. We'll tell you soon. :)