My Hopes and Intentions for 2013

My 7 intentions for 2013


1.       Have another baby

2.       Stop using all toxic cleaners and find natural solutions (and I just wanna say – vinegar and baking soda do not work for me – they do not get the grime from my sinks and showers.  There must be an alternative.)

3.       Hang my laundry to dry fifty percent of the time

4.       Save for retirement, even if it is a small amount

5.       Be intentional every single month about spending 1:1 time with Jason

6.       Write/publish something that is not related to my profession (e.g. an op-ed, a short story, etc.)

7.       DIY plans:  Make homemade laundry detergent (like this:, build a doorway puppet theatre (like this: , Paint a headboard on our bedroom wall (like this: Make biographies for Truman and the new baby (like this:

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