Monday, September 24, 2012

Rookie parenting mistakes

Rookie parenting mistakes
All made by me, in the last week
10. Did the bedtime routine slightly different (God forbid)
9. Asked my toddler to hurry (God forbid)
8. Allowed my toddler to bring a bouncy ball into church during the homily (Holy sh*t)
7. Ate something my toddler had discarded ("Miiiiiiiiiiiiiine")
6. Left the Goodwill bag in plain site (baby toys are now sprawled throughout house)
5. Threatened a timeout in the middle of the night (lost cause)
4. Recycled my toddler's artwork, which he discovered and then demanded I clean up and rehang (woops)
3. Put healthy food on my toddler's plate besides white carbs and fruit (God forbid)
2. Brought my toddler to a meeting at work (did it. not proud of it. most stressful 60 minutes in my career.)
1. Bribed him to get in the car, that one time, using chocolate chips (Hard to go anywhere when I run out of chocolate chips).


  1. This is my favorite. My top ten is eerily similar but adjusted for Marigold's toddlerhood traits. God help us:)

  2. that is some funny stuff.