Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cabin weekened

We spent a weekend at a cabin near Snoqualmie Pass and it was heavenly to be together as a family and relax. No house chores. No errands. No social calendar. Just us and lots of good food.

Truman was disappointed to learn that he could not bring his “ski boards” because there was not enough snow. He is at a stage where he will talk about something repeatedly and he spent much of the drive telling us about his ski boards and asking us about our ski boards. He was appalled to learn that I don’t have ski boards (I don’t ski often enough, so I just rent). He kept saying, “Mama doesn’t have ski boards, but I have ski boards.”

We spent most of our time relaxing in the heated pool. We also went to an OktoberFest dinner and ate bratwurst and listened to a Bavarian band. Truman watched his first Teton Gravity Research film (Jason’s favorite brand of ski movies). He kept saying, “Holy Cow” through the entire movie.

We bought the cabin owners a very nice bottle of whiskey to say thank you (and please let us borrow your cabin again).

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