Monday, February 4, 2013

Three Years Old

Who has two thumbs and loves apple juice?

This guy!
Three years ago today (9:11 pm) Truman made his entrance into this world.  In just over 1,000 days he has wowed us with his sweetness, impressed us with his smarts, and challenged us with his determination. 
It is hard for me to sum up who he is and where he is at because he is so many things. I hesitate to put him into any specific categories, other than the categories of most delightful, kind hearted, and energetic.
Here are a few of his preferences:  He loves Saturday because Saturdays means cartoons.  He likes to do things himself, on his own timetable.  Like his daddy, he moves more slowly if he feels he is being rushed.  He loves animals and loves to pretend to be a baby turtle/tiger/gecko by making a nest in our bed.  He comes into our room most mornings at 4 or 5 am to snuggle and he often demands that we scoot over and give him more space.  I absolutely love these moments in our bed.  I know I will miss them when he is old and he no longer wears footie pajamas.
There is nothing he loves more than his extended family - his Grandma who dotes on him every week, his Pop Pop, his Grams in Oregon, his cousies, and all his aunts and uncles.  He also likes agenda-free days, fruit roll-ups, spiderman, and being cozy.
Happy birthday sweet boy.  May you have a blessed life filled with adventure.

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