Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have tried to avoid talking/writing/lamenting about how fast my little one is growing. It feels so cliche to say, "They grow-up so fast." and "Where has the time gone?"

But lately, as I prepare myself for two littles instead of one, I find myself thinking a lot about how quickly Truman has turned from babe to boy.  I mark off the big milestones in his baby book - learning to walk and eat, and lately learning to pedal a tricycle and get ready for school on his own.

But it is the subtle, unexpected signs of growth that catch me off guard and take my breath away. The first time he played with other kids on the playground instead of screaming at me, "Come! Slide!"

Or the other night when I was telling Jason a story that brought tears to my eyes and from out of nowhere Truman appeared and wiped my tears with his sleeve.

And on Monday, when we were in a public bathroom and he told me he wanted to go into the stall by himself. I lingered at the door. Peaking in. Impressed with his aim.

Not quite ready to let go.

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