Thursday, May 23, 2013

My first four days of family leave

I've got 18 weeks off folks - and I plan to enjoy every last hour of my sabbatical/recovery/baby bonding time. Let's talk about the first four days:

Monday: HOLY COW. Not working is so amazing. FREEDOM. My stay at home mom friends are so lucky! I am at Safeway and it is not Sunday afternoon or 9pm on a week night! I have time to go to the post office for the first time in three years! LIVING THE LIFE.

Tuesday: I am totally taking Truman to preschool and then eating breakfast on the couch. Preschool is good for him, right? I wouldn't want to mess with his schedule. I am going to wear SWEAT PANTS. And a sports bra. Like my glasses? Get used to em. My morning routine is now down to 8 minutes.

And I suppose I should clean the house. I hadn't noticed how gross this bathroom was getting. Oh - dusty bunnies over here? Cobwebs in the corners? Oh my goodness. This place needs a deep clean.

Wednesday: OH MY GOD I AM SO BORED. I am listening to CNN on the radio - that bored. The house chores are never ending - why even clean these windows when they will be dirty again in two seconds. But I am totally making nachos for lunch!

Thursday: Is my workplace worried about me? Do they wish I would call? Maybe I should check-in. Should I let them know I am still alive, still pregnant, and the baseboards in my bathroom are super clean? Do they want to hear about the hour I spent on pinterest searching for "linen closet organization?" 

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