Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quick thoughts

I keep hoping to sit down and capture this summer in picture and words so down the road I can return to this precious time and relive it. But alas, fall is at the door. New rain boots must be purchased. Nannies must be interviewed. Fantasy football teams must be drafted (apparently). So here are some quick thoughts.

  • Desmond is a charmer. His face lights up when he sees Truman in the morning. He is a large baby - wearing 9-12 month clothes already.
  • Truman is obsessed with ages and sizes. "Is he older than me?" "When will I be four?" "Is he as big as my daddy?"
  • Jason is working extremely hard - various endeavors. Backpacking in the Olympics. Hopefully traveling to Sun Valley. Splitting wood. Oh my goodness - the cedar piled high in our wood shed makes us all happy about fall.
  • I am neurotic. Scattered. I have a million things to do and nothing ever gets done. I dread my return to work but I am determined to wear a brave face. I long to craft, cook, organize, but there are never solid blocks of time to finish any one task. I wish I could say that I am able to surrender . . .
Ferry time

This is moments after Desmond rolled over for the first time.

Pearygin Lake

Spending the day at the Lake

Trying to get a tan

Moments before I pushed Franco into the water

Daily commute from the lake

Taking a ride

My dad, looking good

My favorite first grader!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! We can't wait to see you guys.
    Love Jen (& Megan)

  2. So love your updates Mairead...I love to watch your family grow from Red Sox Nation. xoxo