Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY: Transform an art easel into a puppet theatre

Here is one of Truman's Christmas gifts. He has a lot of puppets and I had been thinking about a puppet theatre that would fit in a doorway, but I didn't want anything to be permanently affixed to the walls. I took the top picture intending to sell this art easel on Craigslist. After I downloaded the photo, I decided to hold onto it and see if I I could hack it into puppet theatre. It is quite sturdy and I made a big pocket on the back that holds the puppets. It could use a fresh coat of chalkboard paint because it is pretty old, but other than that, it is ready for Christmas morning.

Total Cost: $19 ($10 for art easel, $2 for fabric at Good will, $3 for dowel, $4 for curtain clips)
Total Time: 2 Hours

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