Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: That's Not My Truck

That's Not My Truck is a book about a cute little mouse looking for his truck. This mouse must be very forgetful because other titles in this series include That’s Not My Train, That’s Not My Dinosaur, and That’s Not My Monkey.

I picked this up off the shelf before I headed to the potty. [My Mom suggests that I go ahead and brag a bit right here – because she herself has been working on ways to casually mention that I CAN POOP ON THE POTTY. And that this feat has been more memorable and exciting for her than my first steps or my first food. But I am not really the bragging type, and what I do in the bathroom is my business. Except when I fill the toilet with a giant mound of toilet paper . . . then it's my dad's business]

I digress. These chubby little books are very simple to read and the mouse is always a funny character. Spoiler Alert: He does find his truck. Peace out, little readers!

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