Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How we are dealing with the saddest transition of toddlerhood

There has been lots of hollerin' around these parts lately. First the big boy bed! Woo hoo! Complete with a twin-sized alphabet quilt instead of a baby blanket. And then this conversation:

Me: Truman, you are my special baby.
Tru: Not a baby.
Me: Wuh?
Tru: Big guy.

A few days later he refused to wear diapers. Totally on his own. And now he is wearing his superhero undies backwards and using the bathroom like the big guy that he is.

But this post is not about how fast Truman is growing, or the transition from babyhood to big-guyhood. This is about the saddest part of this growth process.

No naps.

Why didn't anyone warn me?


Why did I never consider this? I would lay in the sun, check my email, whip up a pie crust, and all the while it never crossed my mind that I should savor every moment of "me" time. I took life for granted, painting my toes, working on a proposal, watching Oprah.

New parents be warned. Enjoy those naps.


  1. Nooooo! Too soon! Oh, I'm sorry. That's a sad loss for sure. HE's super awesome with the potty training though. What a go getter:)

  2. We still have 'quiet time' at our house and she has to stay in bed for a set amount of time on the timer. If it goes off and she's awake, then she can get up. She usually falls asleep and she is 4 1/2, don't let him give them up just yet. Good luck!