Friday, June 8, 2012

Spirit birds

When Truman was a baby, our friends Brooke and James told us that their daughter's spirit bird was a magpie.

We weren't sure what a spirt bird was, but we knew we had to have one.

The obvious choice was the chickadee, the most friendly, tiny, and approachable bird in our yard. We often point out different birds to Truman and he refers to the chickadee as "my bird."

We put up a little feeder against his bedroom window and the first bird to arrive was the chickadee. It is so friendly, it lets Truman get right up to the glass for a close look.

So I finally googled "spirit bird" before I wrote this post. The first website I clicked on included a description for each bird. The Chickadee is "the bird of truth". Truman means "True Man." :) Meant to be.

Thinking about getting some chickadee artwork like this for Truman's room.

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