Saturday, July 28, 2012

Okanogan details

Making chocolate strawberries for a special treat

Our daily routine, heading down to the water to swim

Readying the canoe

Why is Jason using a kayak paddle? Oh, because his wife wants to enjoy herself in the front seat!

Loving life here!

Doing my own thing.

Discovering a frog

The view from our campsite
Climbing as usual

The one and only family shot

Bedtime stories
Exploring Alta Lake by boat - which is a place my family camped when I was a kid

Not exactly the cliff I remembered, but the water was so warm and delightful

"Don't dive Jason. Don't do it Jason. Arg. You #$%*@"
After we left Chelan, we headed to Bridgeport State Park, which is in the middle of nowhere in the Okanogan Valley. It was the perfect spot to launch our canoe. We were excited to have found this gem of a camp site and we saw yellow-bellied marmots, frogs, deer, tons of birds, and huge butterflies.

The best part of the trip was being together for seven days with no other responsibilities. No phones. No work calls. No email. Instead of staying up late to get things dones, we stayed up late to listen for owls and sit by the campfire.

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  1. This trip looks magical. What a wonderful summer treat. Miss you guys.