Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rotary Rummage Sale

The largest rummage sale this side of the Mississippi is right here on our home island.  At 7:30 am last Saturday, as I am standing outside the gates of the middle school with thousands of other people, I think to myself, what the hell am I doing? This is a rummage sale, not a Petty show.

Am I really going to run and elbow my way through the crowd to score some used crap that will end up back in the sale next year?

Yes. We do just that, every year.

We spent $174 this year. Not pictured is the propane/charcoal grill, a chainsaw, a large metal truck for the sandbox, and a few large planters.
  • Yes - that is the original Fisher Price doctor's kit. Mint condition.
  • The Playmobil castle only cost $15, but it took up so much room in my bag I was sloooowed way down.
Next year I am going playmobil all the way.

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