Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our summer to-do list

In the summer, time seems to expand. What are we going to do with all this time? Just relax and take things as they come? No - we will make a rigid to-do list and follow it seamlessly or risk feeling like the whole thing was a failure come Labor Day. Here is the Shutt Family Plan:

·         Go Camping (We have a trip planned to Lake Chelan and another trip to the Methow. We will see how our wee ones do in a tent together and of course the drive will be interesting.)
·         Spend a day at beach (Any beach. Just sand and buckets and snacks.)
·         Fish from our canoe
·         Port Townsend Farmers Market
·         BI 4th of July parade (We missed it! We did go to the Street Fair, but we missed the parade. Maybe next year.)
·         Leave the kids with a babysitter. (Which means pumping. And teaching Des to drink from a bottle. So much work! But worth it to actually finish a conversation with my spouse.)
·         Bonfire in our backyard
·         BBQ at Fay Park (One of our favorite beaches on Bainbridge)
·         Build a custom sandbox for our deck
·         Take Truman to a Mariners game

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