Monday, July 1, 2013

Heard at our house

Tru: Mom, can I bring this worm inside to live?

Me: No. Worms live outside. No bugs in the house.

Tru: But that other worm lives inside.

Long pause.

Me: Show me the other worm . . . . (living in a houseplant in the kitchen)

Tru to me: When you grow up, will you be big like daddy?

Truman makes a loud noise or otherwise disturbs a sleeping Desmond and then announces in a loud, sing song voice: He's waking up again!

After hearing loud thunder Truman says: It sounds like Tigers roaring in the sky.

After several conversations about "potty talk" Truman finds a loop hole and starts talking incessantly about the dung beetle: Ooooh. Dung beetles eat pooooop. And peeeeeee. Poooooopy is STANKY!

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