Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did your mom used to go on strike?

When I was a kid, my mom would occasionally go on strike.

It always sent my dad into a fury. He would start throwing orders around. I can still hear him yelling:

   Make the beds!

   Do the the dishes!

   Take my tighty-whiteys off the dog!

   Put the bunny and hamsters back in their cages!

   Climb out of the dumbwaiter . . . . NOW!

Pretty soon, he would have the BBQ fired up and he would throw some frozen meat on the grill. My siblings and I would be quiet, cautious. Guilty.
Looking back, I love her for this. I love that 99 percent of the time she gave her entire heart and soul to her family. And I love that 1 percent of the time she reminded us what ungrateful sh*ts we were.

Good job, Mom. I love borrowing pages from your playbook. xoxo

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