Monday, February 6, 2012

Some good linkages

It is slightly stressful at our house because our trusty old car is falling apart and the wonderful people at Les Schwab almost killed us after they fixed our brakes, and we probably need to buy a new car and . . .

 . . . I am spending more time than usual on the interwebs trying to avoid thinking about our family budget. Here are a few things I am reading/wasting time on:

I made this recipe for apple pancakes this morning. I don't have a cast iron pan (booo), but they did not stick at all in my glass pie pan. Easy and delicious.

I discovered this hilarious blog.

I was astounded to read in the Seattle Times that it is OKAY to watch porn on library computers. In front of other patrons. Including CHILDREN.

I am enjoying my friend Anna's new blog:



  1. Looooove the Ryan Gosling blog! I also enjoy The Oatmeal, and toothpastefordinner... in case you need more space fillers :)

  2. Feeling you on the "need a new car" and the "not thinking about the family budget" commentary. The Kessler SOTU is on tap for this weekend; unlike Obama's speech, there won't be any clapping (perhaps some booing) and it will involve spreadsheets.