Monday, March 5, 2012

The cutest things you do

Dear Truman,

You have started calling yourself "Dodie". You can't quite pronounce Truman, so Dodie has become the name you use. It melts my heart. Multiple times each day I hear you saying, "Daddy, mommy, doggy, dodie." You always have the biggest grin when I tell you, "Mama loves dodie."

You also love to play a game called "Big Baby". After tubby time, you always shout "BABY" as you climb out of the bath. I wrap you in a towel, you fake cry, and I carry you to daddy for snuggles. This weekend you wanted to spend some time in your beautiful cradle playing Big Baby. Your daddy thinks I might be creating a monster by encouraging this game, but I think it is just so sweet. You are not much of a snuggler or cuddler, so Big Baby is mama's chance to smother you, rock you, and feel your heartbeat next to mine.

Tonight you wanted us all to pretend we were baby lambs. And when I put you to bed you patted your chest and said, "Dodie, lamb".

You are world famous for your hugs. People always comment on how enthusiastically you will wrap your arms around their neck and give them a warm squeeze. You are also very loving to cats and dogs, always petting them so gently and trying to sneak in a little hug if they will allow it.

When I put you to bed at night we always say goodnight to all the animals in our yard. Goodnight owls. Goodnight thrushes. Goodnight worms. Goodnight voles. Goodnight salamanders. This little routine is our special way of getting ready for sleep and it always seems to make you happy and settled to think that your animal buddies are snuggling up in their nests at the same time as you.

Goodnight Dodie. You are a precious gift.

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