Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiring teachers

If you read the news and are paying attention, you know that there is a lot of bad news about public schools. In Washington, we like to balance the budget on the backs of schoolchildren and it is depressing.

I have to remind myself that our schools are not dismal places. That really amazing people are teaching kids, and that public schools can inspire young minds.

When I stop by Jason’s class – the kids are filled with life. They are always out of their seats. They use these amazing tools – clickers and probes and computers – to learn physical science.

I was glad when the Bainbridge Schools Foundation asked Jason if they could feature him (and three other teachers) in a short documentary about teaching in our community.

If you don’t have eight minutes to watch, he is at 1:55 and 4:08



  1. That is so so cool. I felt so proud of him. I can only imagine how you feel:)

  2. I loved it! Thank you for sharing Mairead. Such lucky kids to have inspiring, giving and loving teachers.

  3. Jason is one those "the reason i started loving science" teachers!