Monday, December 31, 2012

17ish Weeks Pregnant

The best part of pregnancy this time around is how little there is to do.  While I do want to prepare physically and mentally for the birth itself, there is simply less to do/think about with #2.

As I look back on the planning/anxiety during my pregnancy with Truman, I have to laugh at myself.  Did I really insist on interviewing pediatricians when I was seven months pregnant?  I can still remember our current doctor’s reaction when I asked her to explain her philosophy on vaccines.  (Uh, vaccinate your child you dumbass.)
And the birthing classes, with the birth videos that had me curled up in the corner of the room with my hands covering my eyes.  And the hours of internet research on car seat safety.  And the dutiful collection of baby gear.  I am thankful Jason and I experienced this rite of passage together, and I am thankful this time around is much more simple.

The to-do list is really quite simple.

·         Exercise and eat healthy

·         Put the crib together

·         Figure out the cloth diaper plan

·         Agree on a name

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