Monday, December 3, 2012

A look back at 2012

Below is the list of my hopes and intentions for 2012, and quick recap of what actually happened.  

1. Start a running routine again. Take some long weekend runs. Run from one end of the Island to the other.

I think I ran once. And I had to stop to pee. The experience did inspire me to do waaay more kegals. In fact, I am doing them right now. I did start walking more. I just feel sluggish and out of shape, so I am trying to fit in yoga and walking Franco as much as possible, even when I don’t feel like it.

 2. Go see live music with Truman.
Just writing this down helped us make an effort to see live music.  We went to Caspar Babypants a couple of times, music in the park, square dancing with friends at Seabold Community Center, and few other things here and there.  He is not the first one on the dance floor, but he is fascinated with instruments and music.

3. Write a dozen letters. To my godparents, my Irish family, and the old people in my life who don’t use the interwebs.

Total fail.  About once a month I would tell myself to buy some nice cards/paper.  Never did.

4. Advance my latest business idea: the Earthquake preparedness kits for B. Islanders (watch out Red Cross, this kit includes organic food and a spare Ipad battery).

This was somewhat of a joke, but I do feel more prepared in our own life than I did one year ago.  We have lots of water and lots of flashlights stocked up.

 5. Walk the Dungeness Spit

We did it! We didn’t make it too far because the toddlers ruled the day, but it was truly beautiful and a gift to see this part of Washington.

6. Workplace goal: Be an awesome manager. Do more, talk less.

I am not sure if I was awesome, but I have changed my attitude.  I realize that managing people is such an important part of my own professional development and that it is not just about counseling other people, but also about removing roadblocks so people can do their best work.  I think I was scared to really try to be a good manager, because I thought I would fail or that people might not like some of the hard decisions I had to make, but somewhere in 2012 I got over that.

7. Refuse to use single-use plastic bags.

I continue to be really committed to this.  I think it is the very least we can do, especially in light of all the bad environmental news this year about the health of the oceans, air, and soil.  Jason – without any pestering – is slowly getting on board too. (P.S. Our town banned single use plastic bags this year, so it makes it a lot easier to remember your reusable bags when you get charged for paper bags.)

8. Reserve Mondays for Truman.

Again, just writing this down made it happen.  Lots of time on the floor.  Less time cleaning the floor. Lots of time being present in the moment and asking, “what do you want to do?” and less time running stupid errands.

9. Over-deliver on my promises and commitments to others. (And stop making so many damn promises!)

I have become much more aware of making too many social plans.  I know in the moment, I desperately want to connect with friends and loved ones, but when the calendar rolls out, and I am totally booked, I am miserable and filled with guilt (for leaving Tru).  This year I said no more often and I tried to be honest with myself.  Can I really go out to dinner with a friend on a weeknight?  No, but I could fit in a long walk after bedtime.  Do I really want to party hop on Saturday night? No, but we could choose one social gathering and be fully present.

10. Spend less time comparing myself to others and more time comparing myself to my previous self.

Ha ha!  Always a challenge.  

11. Finally make the trip to Stehekin, Washington (

I intentionally gave up this hope in exchange for our two week trip to Chelan and Bridgeport.  We unexpectedly bought a canoe and Stehekin was not the ideal location for the canoe.  We had an amazing time, and we might do the exact same trip again this summer.  Stehekin is still on my list. . . one day. . .

12. Give up dairy for a month. Just to try it and see how I feel.

Thought about it.  Then bought a huge block of Tilamook cheese and made nachos for lunch.  With a glass of milk.  And ice cream for dessert.  Arg.  This much dairy is not natural for humans – I know.  Bad habit that I will save for another year. J

 Coming soon: 13 in 13!

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