Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting crazy

What is new at the Shutt house:
- We are working on a simple Christmas. Less running around, more sitting by the fire.  Less presents, more time together.  Less work, more play.

- I have updated my hopes and intentions for 2013.  I could not come up with 13 goals so I went with my top seven. Click here.

- Chillin' with Truman, our favorite roommate.  His favorite game is to imagine we are babies and/or baby animals.  Typically this involves hiding from beavers who want to bite us (?), building a cave/den/tunnel, and crying for our mommies.  Other favorite activities include legos, flying like batman/spiderman, painting (but not paper, anything but paper), and jumping on furniture.

- Talking about baby names, delighting in baby kicks, planning for birth, and thinking about how I will fit a crib in Truman's room.

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